Charity Soul would like to say a big thank you to two community WMC’s who held fundraising soul music nights for Prostate Cancer research. These closely nit community clubs moved heaven and earth to organise these well attended events, for which members of Charity Soul were also in attendance.

The fundraising sequence started here:-

SHAFTON WMC. BARNSLEY – Friday 2nd February

Chartiy Soul were invited, through Tim Michaels of Next PLC (Doncaster) and Melvin Colbourne, to assist in the running of a fundraising event at this local club. Our role was to supply equipment and play music for the evenings entertainment, which was accompanied by a ‘Horse Race Meeting’. The evening was fantastically supported by the local community and in the words of Club Steward “t’clubs full to bustin’”.

A great night was had by all with some fabulous raffle prizes donated, even better, was the total amount of money raised during the evening.  This amounted to a whopping £1,028, which was beyond our expectations, as the entry to the nights entertainment was free. This figure was rounded up to £1,100 by Club Steward, Peter Makinson.  A wonderful gesture and fantastic end to a fantastic night.


This lovely little club has supported Charity Soul with numerous fundraising events in the past, and another event was organised for us. Dave and Jenni Johnson represented Charity Soul at this Tamala Motown fundraiser, having been invited by Muriel Coxon, one of our North East fundraising volunteers.  This club was well supported in fundraisng efforts with dj’s and people travelling from as far as Middlesbrough to be part of the entertainment.  Our thanks must go to everyone for making this event a success, but especially to Sandra and Muriel, who worked tirelessly throughout the evening

Again this tightly knit community club came up trumps with a brilliant evenings entertainment with the dj’s playing a great mix of music for the attendee’s. It must be stressed that all the dj’s gave their time for free, just the fact they wanted to help with our cause. The donations for the night were supplemented with a raffle of a framed soul picture donated by the famous soul artist Graham Fairhurst, a keen supporter of Charity Soul. Total donations for the evening amounted to £755 for which everybody was ‘over the moon’.

On behalf of all members of Charity Soul a big big thank you to all concerned!