Thanks to Charity Soul, this recent paper, in a top cancer journal was made possible.  The research was begun as part of an EU-funded International project, which finished before we could get the ultimate data.  This data was provided by an Italian Graduate Dr Giovanna Nappo, who carried out the key experiments, supported by the funds raised by all of you at Charity Soul.

The paper tells us that a cancer patient’s immune system, which he would use to fight off infections, is being hijacked by cancer stem cells to allow them to form the new tumours as the cancer spreads around the body. We now have an idea of how this works, and also show that a drug can be used to block this spread.

The acknowledgements section of the paper is reproduced below


We thank all the urology surgeons MS Simms, L Coombes, G Cooksey and J Hetherington (Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham, UK). In addition, we wish to thank Georg Schäfer for evaluating the TMA. We would also like to thank the patients who kindly provided samples. The Cancer Research Unit, University of York is acknowledged for their support and helpful discussions. This work was funded by PRO-NEST Marie-Curie Grant (238278 to ZC), Forschungsfoerderung der Oesterreichische Krebshilfe Tirol 2012 (to HHHE) and the Austrian Science Fund FWF (P26799 to FRS). Further support for NJM was provided by Charity Soul and Yorkshire Cancer Research (Y257PA).